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Utah Office of the Medical Examiner

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University of Utah Medical School Affiliation

All physicians are Associate Faculty for the University of Utah School of Medicine.

All residents in the Department of Pathology residency program are required to do a minimum one month rotation at the OME to gain exposure to examinations that would be otherwise out of their usual realm of duties.  The rotation also provides training towards their board certification and possible unexpected duties they may encounter later in their careers.  Additional lectures in various topics in the field of forensics are also presented to the residents as a group.

The OME also provides an elective rotation for 3rd and 4th year medical students.  The staff also participates in pathology labs that are offered in the first two years of their medical school education.

Rotations have also been established for students in the nursing program, nurse practitioner program, physician assistant program and EMT/paramedic training.

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