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Attended Death Defined

In accordance with Utah Health Code 26-4-14 “The physician in attendance at the last illness of a deceased person who, in the judgment of the physician, does not appear to have died in a manner described in Section 26-4-7 (see above), shall certify the cause of death to his best knowledge and belief.” 

Be aware that delayed deaths, even several years later, that are the result of complications of previous trauma, still fall under OME jurisdiction and need to be reported to our office.  For example:  a person that is a quadriplegic as the result of a motor vehicle accident 10 years ago develops pneumonia and dies should be reported to the OME.

After consultation we will take jurisdiction and assign a case number.  We may elect to do an examination at our facility or we may work with you and have you certify the death as a Designated Representative of the OME.

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