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Utah Office of the Medical Examiner

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Records Requests (Hospitals)

Requesting Records from the OME

The admitting facility or the hospital treating physician may request a copy of the report of examination from our office. When the report is finalized a copy will be mailed out. Reports requested by the Medical Records Department or physician must make their requests on letterhead stationary of their facility and the request must have the signature of a physician before it is considered valid. Requests can be mailed to our office or faxed (801) 964-1240.

OME Request for Medical Records of Your Facility

The OME may need to request medical records from your facility to assist in the investigation of a death for the clarification of treatment and care received, mental and physical diagnoses, medications that were prescribed, compliance with prescribed therapies and a description of the terminal events. We appreciate your prompt attention to our requests.  Section 26-4-11 of the Utah Health Code states “failure to submit reports other than reports of a county attorney, district attorney, or law enforcement agency, upon written request from the medical examiner within 10 days is a class B misdemeanor.”

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