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Utah Office of the Medical Examiner

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For Families

Why is the Medical Examiner’s Office Involved?

Your loved one was brought to the Office of the Medical Examiner (OME) because the circumstance under which the death occurred fell under the jurisdiction of this office as defined by the legal code of the State of Utah.  Briefly, the OME is charged with investigating all deaths due to violence, sudden unexpected or suspicious deaths, non-natural deaths during employment, deaths while in law enforcement custody or a mental health facility, sudden deaths of infants and deaths due to therapeutic procedures. 

What determines whether there will be an autopsy?

While the Medical Examiner’s Act determines which deaths fall under OME jurisdiction, the medical examiner assigned to the case will make the decision as to extent of the examination. Not everyone that comes to our office requires a full autopsy.

Can I view the body at the OME?

Our office does not have the necessary facilities for a proper viewing of the deceased by the family. The viewing process is best done at the funeral home where proper presentation can be expected.

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