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After a Suicide

Grief associated with suicide can be especially difficult. Those who lose someone close to suicide may be feeling intense anger, shame and guilt. Survivors of suicide (those who lost someone close) sometimes wrestle with trying to understand and accept the death of someone close for years.

Survivors of suicide are not alone; there are many others who have been affected by suicide and have experienced many of the same emotions. Grief manifests differently in many individuals. There is support for survivors of suicide and we encourage you to seek it out for yourself and others who may have lost someone to suicide.

Survivors of Suicide Support Groups

After an Overdose

Grief associated with an overdose can be full of pain, uncertainty, guilt and shame. Families bereaved by drug-overdose death may face social stigma, personal doubts and frequently feel that they lack support from family, friends, and the community. It’s not uncommon for people to feel isolated during this time. There are, however, thousands of Utahans who have been affected by overdose and many people who are able to support those who have also lost someone to an overdose. The following organizations provide resources for those who have lost someone to an overdose death:

Grieving During COVID-19

Grieving a loss can be difficult even at the best of times and may be especially challenging during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following are resources to help support you or someone you know while grieving during the pandemic:

COVID-19 Grief Resources for Professionals

Use the following resources to support the bereaved during the COVID-19 pandemic or for those who have lost someone to COVID-19:

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